About Lisa

My Vision

A world full of leaders who are self-aware, resilient, emotionally intelligent, communicative and effective at influencing positive change in the world. And who love their fulfilling life.

I see a future with leaders who don’t know all the answers and don’t have to pretend to — but rather leaders who are willing to head into the unknown with a determination to make success happen (or learn from their mistakes and keep going).

I see leaders who want to give their all and to perform at their best in service to realizing their bigger visions and dreams. They want to become more effective, more successful, more inspiring in order to get more achieved.

I see leaders who are brave enough to be vulnerable and authentic, open to forming meaningful connections with those around them.

I see leaders who innovate from a space of emotional intelligence, empathy, and an understanding of their employees, customers, organizations, and themselves.

I see leaders as courageous humans working passionately to impact the world and leave it better than how they found it.

My Mission

I serve leaders in fulfilling their leadership potential by providing the practical tools to thrive in the future of work. The future requires a completely new set of communication, influencing, emotional intelligence and self-awareness capabilities. I aim to make personal and professional development interesting and effective through training, coaching, consulting, podcasting, accountability, and networking services.


I’ve seen firsthand that when leaders truly and deeply understand themselves, they can remain resilient when facing challenges, stay focused when facing overwhelming priorities, and can feel confident in the decisions that they make. And they can indeed create a meaningful difference in the world.

My Core Business Values

I Practice Curiosity

I’m a curious person who likes to look at the world with imagination and wonder. I encourage all of my employees and clients to get curious about their world. Through curiosity, we can get engaged and motivated by our work and the people around us. Curiosity is the true root of learning, developing, and growing … and ultimately succeeding.

I Balance Doing With Being

I believe that action is important — and equally as important is who you need to BE in order to DO what you need to do. If your next step is a challenge, I encourage BEING courageous. If your next step is a burden, I encourage BEING patient. Focusing on how to BE opens new possibilities for what you can DO.

I Foster Trust

I believe the most important thing I can provide is a safety net of trust for our employees, customers and community. Through trust, we feel safe enough to get innovative, to learn from a beginner’s mindset, and to continue feeling accepted as a part of the team even when we make a mistake. Personal development and growth can only occur where trust thrives and I believe this trust will spur great innovation and achievement.

I Create Fun

Innovation, creativity, engagement — they all come with a degree of fun! Our business decisions are serious and important… and remaining playful and curious helps us to open ourselves to new ideas and solutions that weren’t available to us just through analyzing spreadsheets. When we’re engaged and enjoying what we’re doing, great work gets completed and we find our day-to-day life meaningful and enjoyable.

Meet Lisa Christen

Lisa Christen

Founder & Principal,
Christen Coaching & Consulting
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The hidden potential in people fascinates me.

In fact, I’ve spent my entire career learning about people’s potential and how to bring people from where they are to where they want to be. How do we create systematic change? (I worked for the United States Congress). What motivates people? (I worked in compensation at a Fortune 100). What drives people to take action? (I worked in marketing management at a Fortune 100). What skills do people need to succeed (I consult for successful entrepreneurs). What happens if we unleash people’s greatness? (I am a coach & trainer).

So yes, my business card says things like coach & consultant & trainer. But my job is much more than that; my job — my passion — is to support people and companies in achieving their greatness.

I strongly believe every person has greatness inside.

I work tirelessly to help people make their lives more successful, more meaningful, more fulfilling (and more FUN!). I strive to remove roadblocks – both capability-wise and emotional — that hold them back from performing at their peak levels. I call this part of my job helping people to fulfill their hero’s journey.

And the future of work demands this approach.

Companies cannot succeed – or survive — when 70% of their workers are disengaged. Companies can succeed – and thrive – by focusing on supporting, motivating, and developing their employees. Companies who create a culture of innovation, and who provide a safe space to fail and who lead with purpose and grit and resilience and humility, will flourish in the future. I call this part of my job helping companies to fulfill their hero’s journey.

I strongly believe every company has greatness inside.

Want to chat about greatness and the #futureofwork? I’m an email away.