Coaching Packages

You’ll see amazing changes occur in your life through coaching — I’ve seen it happen for so many clients just like you. The relationship you have with your coach is a critical part of your success. In fact, the reason I charge by the month is because I’m here to support you throughout the month, not just during the hours we are coaching.

Self-Discovery Package (Inside Out Leadership)

Do you find yourself asking whether there’s “more” to life than what you’re currently living?
Do you feel confused about what you really want to get out of life or what legacy you want to leave? Are you disheartened that you haven’t yet found your true passion? Through a variety of exercises and deep questions, you’ll uncover the answer to who you really are, what’s important to you, and all the possibilities of where you can go to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Success Package (Outside In Leadership)

Are you ready to get to the next level of success? Do you want to take on a higher leadership role at work? Or perhaps you’re struggling in your new role? Are you an entrepreneur launching your own business? If you know something is holding you back from achieving your goals, we’ll work together to uncover which competencies to strengthen and which habits are holding you back from performing at your peak and reaching your ultimate success. Note: Assessments on topics such as Influencing Skills or Emotional Intelligence may be recommended at an additional cost for optimized performance planning.

Jumpstart Transition Package

Are you making a big change/transition in your life? Gain the clarity and support you need to make this transition a positive and transformative one. We’ll work together to clear away your fears and insecurities around the change and help to build a solid foundation for your future that includes and welcomes these new changes.Note: Assessments on topics such as Emotional Intelligence may be recommended at an additional cost for optimized change management competencies.

HireMe! Swiss Job Search Package

This is a 10-session career advising and coaching program that will help you accelerate and improve your job search results in Switzerland. Clients receive advising and coaching on important job search topics, including: personal branding as a professional, CV and cover letter review, online presence makeover, networking tips, interview skills building, confidence building, and insider tips specific to the Swiss job market to optimize your chances of success. Note: I offer this program in partnership with Global People Transitions. Included in the cost of this program is a free copy of The Global Career Workbook by Angela Weinberger.

Each coaching package is a monthly package which includes:

  • Two scheduled 55-minute coaching sessions
  • Two spot coaching* sessions (as needed)
  • Unlimited email/text/messaging contact**
  • Interesting and related recommendations in the form of articles, podcasts, and books

The reason I charge by the month is because I’m here to support you throughout the month, not just during the hours we are coaching.

I require a three-month minimum commitment so that we can ensure enough time to discover new thought patterns and habits and successfully implement them in your everyday life. I will be there when you hit the inevitable “enthusiasm dip” (just when the work gets hard… and interesting!). I’ll be there through the roller coaster ups and downs. I’ll be there for it all.

Discovery Session

To kick off our new coaching relationship, we’ll have a (mandatory) two-hour Discovery Session where we lay the foundation for our coaching partnership. All future coaching session will be based on the overview, exercises and activities we do in the Discovery Session.

Please note that the Discovery Session is in addition to our standard coaching contract and will incur a one-time fee. The HireMe! Job Search package does not require a Discovery Session.

When you’re ready and committed to reaching your full potential…

Let’s test out our coaching chemistry together and see if I’m the right coach for you. Use the link below to schedule a (FREE!) 45-minute coaching session.

Let’s work together to explore how coaching can help you create the life you’ve always wanted.