The People I Coach

 Client Qualities

My clients who have seen the most impact through coaching are generally:

  • motivated and driven
  • looking to achieve something more/different than they already have
  • accepting of change (to at least a moderate extent)
  • hard workers
  • looking to develop themselves personally

… or aspiring to live by the above qualities.

Client Profiles

Many of my clients are at a crossroads in their life where they want or need to make a change or want to achieve the next level of success. My clients generally tend to fall into one of these categories:

Career Powerhouses

… have been very successful and are now facing a new level of stress and uncertainty. They’re motivated to continue succeeding in their career but have gotten stuck at a point where they cannot do it alone. I can help you work past the difficulties and uncertainties to gain back confidence that you can handle the pressure and succeed at work. 


…building your own business from the ground up is a fun and challenging ride. The ups and downs, the uncertainties, the learning on the go… it can leave you feeling ultra-high one minute and ultra-low the next. I can help you find the balance to manage those peaks and valleys AND find more peaks (with fewer valleys).

Expat Trailing Spouse

… you’ve come on a new adventure to a foreign country and you’ve finally got the chance to pursue something new with your life! But the overwhelming newness of every aspect of your life, the new-found freedom that leads to decision paralysis, and the loneliness of not having your support network close-by can all lead to frustration, insecurity and inaction. I can help you find the balance to pursue your dreams. 

Parents With Young Kids

… what a change! Everyday life can feel overwhelming for new parents as we struggle to find the balance of caring our kid(s), our partners, our households, and — very importantly — for ourselves. I can help you find the balance to enjoy your family life. 

Who Benefits The Most From My Coaching

Coaching is not yet useful for someone who isn’t willing to do the work or isn’t truly willing to make a change. These are the base requirements for coaching to be impactful for you.   If you don’t feel like all of these bullet points apply to you, contact me anyway! People can’t be defined by a checklist.

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